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Shiva Seeds Feminized

Shiva Seeds

Best organicaly produced medical cannabis genetics produced in spain High thc cbd content , special offers



Ace Seeds Feminized

ace seeds
A.C.E. Seeds is a group of breeders and Cannabis lovers dedicated to the
preservation and study of this wonderful plant.




Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming .The production has been conducted under strict control in isolated rooms




The All Star line up at this moment consists of 8 strains  over the last years.Like most seed companies we can offer more variaties  




barneys farm,Laughing Buddha feminized,LSD,Morning Glory feminized,Vanilla Kush - Feminized


BC BUD DEPOT Feminized

BC Bud Depot  premier distributor of British Columbia.All varieties of British Columbia strain are Excellent. Cannabis prize Winners.



Big Buddha Feminized Seeds

Big Buddha,cheisel ,Feminised,G Bomb,haze, Original Cheese,Blue cheese.


Big Head Seeds Feminized

 In 1990  “Big Head” set off around the globe  to discover cannabis  plants and the people who understood their  properties.



Blim Burn Seeds feminized

blim burn preserve some of the best strings in the world of cannabis what concerns stability, production, taste and psychoactive effect.



Bomb Seeds feminized

Bomb Seeds has developed a new and unique range of cannabis seeds by carefully selecting and improving classic strains



Bull Dog Seeds Feminized


The Bulldog Seed Company now offers a selection of 10 of the finest feminised marijuana seed strains for a very reasonable price.  



CBD Crew Feminized


Many scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of  conditions, 




CBD?seeds goal is to become a bank reference,with quality products,The first part of our work was to achieve classic genetic that made legend years ago.?


CH9 Female cannabis seeds

CH9 ." Large size is often a sign of healthy vigorous growth.A plant that begins to grow immediatly will usually reach a larger size , produce a higher yield."




Dr. Underground is an exclusive feminized cannabis seed breeder who only allows certain cannabis seed vendors to sell their products.



Cream of the crop seeds Feminized


Taking the best genes from different varieties we've cross them to create beautiful, smelly of nature with their own character . 



Delicious Seeds Feminized

Delicious Seeds

Delicious is the door that awakens our imagination and our senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddyness of the feelings.
We put all our efforts to provide pleasurable and global experiences? the world is full of beauty and our senses are the gateway that allows us to cross it.


Devils Harvest Seeds Feminized


Devil’s Harvest Seed was born of a simple desire,craft  readily available new that would give smokers a kick in the head.



Dinafem Feminized seeds

Dinafem Feminised Cannabis Seeds was finally born in 2005, after years of guerrilla growing in the Spanish mountains and intense study of all available growing guides and techniques.



Dna genetics feminized

DNA Genetics,Kushberry, Feminised,L.A. Confidential,L.A. Woman Feminised ,Chocolope,Sharkesbreath 


Dutch Passion Seeds Feminized

Dutch Passion
100% Female cannabis seeds from some of our favorite pot strains. Flowering times are on par with their non-feminized counterparts as is the quality.




EVA SEEDS want to  provide the amateur growers with female seeds easily grown, good yielders and with an affordable price.



Female Seeds


Female Seeds Each day, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of reliable Female Seeds from quality strains.





Feminised Seeds genetics have been underground for over 15 years - recently they unleashed their brand to the world. 



Flying Dutchman Seeds feminised


The Flying Dutchmen 
What started 35 years ago as research for personal knowledge blossomed into a professional, genetics wholesale business by 1984.


Freedom of seeds feminized

Freedom of seeds are extremely dedicated to producing amazing top quality cannabis seed genetics.


G13 Labs feminized

The history of our company stretches back into the late 1980's in the north of the United Kingdom.


Greenhouse Seed Co. Feminized

100% Female cannabis seeds from some of our favorite pot strains.


Humboldt Seed Organization

humbolt seeds org

Humboldt is the epicenter of the marijuana industry in Northern California, which is the most reknown marijuana production area in the United States.


High Quality feminized seeds

Since 1997 these popular Dutch Seeds are well known for their excellent quality and have been cultivated for medical use. 



Legends collection feminized

We are an institution formed by people who are lovers of nature and science, a multicultural group immersed in various cultures and made up of expert growers, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, and geneticists.



Mandala Seeds was founded in 2004 by Mike and Jasmin and together we share more than 40 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, breeding, and collecting heirloom strains.


Medicann Seeds feminized

Medicann Seeds
Medicann have been actively breeding marijuana varieties for over 10 years now. The selection and breeding of high grade medicinal strains is at the core of their organisation, and their dedicated breeding team are constantly striving to increase potency, yield and medicinal benefits for all.


Medical Seeds


This company is a Spain based seedbank of marijuana seeds particularly focusing on medical cannabis seeds and other supplies used to grow weed seeds.


Next Generation Seeds Feminized

We have been in the seed breeding business since 1997. We have a reputation as being a reliable source of great genetics providing top quality cannabis seeds to the B.C. Marijuana Community and beyond. Continually growing and searching for many of the best strains from the Pacific Northwest and around the world, we select only the best for our breeding program. You can count on us for quality seeds. Happy Harvesting! *Yield determined indoors under 1000 watt lights. Grown in soil-less mix, 16 plants in 2 gallon containers in one per square meter.


Nirvana feminzed Seeds


Nirvana's feminized marijuana seeds were developed to spare marijuana growers the hassle of having to check for and remove male cannabis plants. 



Paradise Feminized Seeds

paradise seeds,Jacky white, feminized,Spoetnik 1,Wappa,White Berry,0pium,ice cream,



pyramid seeds

Pyramid Seeds aim to distribute feminized cannabis seeds that are easy to cultivate and have pleasing yields, to professional and enthusiastic weed seed growers. 





Positronics seed bank's story starts in 1985 when the first European grow shop was opened by Wernand Bruining. Its name was Positronics and after having gained years of experience crossbreeding and developing new cannabis strains, Positronics cannabis seeds found themselves to be amongst the most experienced cannabis breeders in the world.


Rare Dankness feminized


Rare Dankness was founded in 2010 after many years of growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with many varieties of Cannabis.




Reggae Seeds feminized


In Reggae Seeds we have extensive experience in genetic selection. Genetics of high quality,Reggae Seeds are a traditional bank.



Reserva Privada,Silver Bubble, Feminised,OG 18,R.K.S.,Snowcap Romulan,Tora Bora


resin seeds Feminized

2009 Cannabis Cup Winner


Ripper seeds


Ripper Seeds company is a breeder of marijuana seeds and they are known in the industry for producing excellent quality cannabis seeds. 



Samsara Seed

Samsara Seeds
Samsara Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer not only cannabis seeds, but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis. They are constantly adapting to changing circumstances in search of new experiences to offer growers of their seeds.



seedism pure feminized seed selection.



 Sensi cannabis Seed Bank varieties are the product of the very finest cannabis genetics.best cannabis seeds in the market 



serious seeds feminzed


Serious Seeds have been working on making female seeds for few years.It is one of the few seed companies left who would make sure the genetics are perfect .



sweet seeds feminized

sweet seeds,Black Jack,feminized,Cream Caramel,Flash Back ,Ganesh Spirit ,green poison


Sin City Seeds Feminized


Sin City Seeds says what happens in Sin City goes everywhere. These bad boys started off serving the needs of the US MMJ community, but Sin City Seeds has set a new goal - complete world weed domination!


Spliff Seeds feminized

Spliff Seeds
We aim to provide innovative, creative and meaningful products with an excellent price-quality proportion to meet end users needs. Furthermore, by ensuring all orders are processed and shipped in an efficient and timely manner we try to convince current customers we are a reliable partner. By maintaining close, personal contact with our customers we hope to build a solid relationship. Our way of operating will, in our vision, attract new customers. They will in turn endorse our company and through word-of-mouth promote our company to others. We believe a reliable partner with an excellent reputation, combined with a good range of products will persuade potential, new customers to do business with us. We believe that our solid track-record speaks for itself.


Strain Hunters Seedbank


The sole intent of Strain Hunters is to identify, locate and retrieve cannabis landraces that have not yet been studied.



Taylored Genetics seeds


Taylored Genetics seeds are Top quality feminized seeds produced by professionals with over 20 years experience in the market.


T.H.Seeds feminised

Having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2003, we can surely say we?ve come a long way. T.H.Seeds originally established its roots in a rustic wood floor loft in the center of Amsterdam, which because of its space had a feel of New York more than Amsterdam.


Vision Seeds Feminized

Vision Seeds  gathered valuable information regarding  genetics, cultivation, characteristics, effects, yields and overall grow




World seeds,Pakistan Valley, Feminized,Wild Thailand,Ketama,Madness,Afghan Kush,Amnesia,Columbia Gold Seed


Ace Seeds Bomb Seeds
Advanced Seeds British Columbia 
AC-genetics Bull Dog Seeds
Afropips seeds Cannabiogen
Allstar Genetics CBD Seeds
Alphakronik CBD Crew
Auto Seeds Ceres Seeds
Barneys Farm Cream of the crop
BC Bud Ddpot Delicious
Big Buddha Delta 9 Labs
Big Head De Sjamaan
Blim Burn Devil Harvest
Blazing Pistileros Dinafem
DNA GENETIC Joint Doctor
Dutchbreed Jordan Islands
Dutch Passion  K.C. Brains
EVA Seeds Kiwi Seeds
Feminized Seeds Kulu Seeds
Flying Dutchman Lowelife
Freedom of Seeds Magus Genetics
GrandDaddyPurp Mandala Seeds
Grass-o-matic Medical Seeds
Green House Mr Nice
G13 Labs  MTG Seeds
High Quality  Next Generation 
Homegrown Fant Nirvana seeds
Humboldt Seeds  
Paradise Seeds Shiva Seeds
Positronic Sin City Seeds
Reggae Seeds Soma Seeds
Reserva Privada Spliff Seeds
Resin Seeds Strain Hunters 
Ripper Seeds Sweet Seeds
Sagarmatha Taylored Gen
Samsara Seeds TGA Genetics
Secret Valley The Real Seed
Seedism TH Seeds
Sensi Seed World of seeds
Serious Seeds  

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