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Shiva Seeds autoflowering

Shiva Seeds

Best organicaly produced medical cannabis genetics produced in spain High thc cbd content , special offers



Ac Genetics Auto Feminized

.AC Genetics is a cannabis seed bank entirely focused on the production of cannabis seeds which automatically start to flower,


ADVANCED SEEDS Atoflowering Feminized


Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods.The production has been conducted under strict control in isolated rooms to ensure the identity of each of its varieties.


ALLSTAR GENETICS autoflowering

The begining goes back to the 90's when more seed companies started to appear every where. Back then we didn't act as a seed company but we made sure to keep Amsterdam on the map and contributed our part by helping out others in the Amsterdam cannabis scene creating success.


Auto Seeds feminized

Auto Seeds are breeders of the finest quality auto seeds. our auto varieties can be ready in as little as 55 days from seed to harvest. 



Autofem seeds

Autofem cannabis seed range is exclusively made up of strains that are of the autoflowering variety.these strains do not require a change in indoor light cycle



Barneys Farm Autoflowering fem

barneys farm,Laughing Buddha feminized,LSD,Morning Glory feminized,Vanilla Kush - Feminized


Big Buddha Autoflowering Seeds

Big Buddha,cheisel ,Feminised,G Bomb,haze, Original Cheese,Blue cheese.


Big Head Seeds Autoflowering

Big Head Seeds autoflowering.  with a mission to discover ceremonial plants and the people who understood their individual properties.



Blim Burn Seeds Auto Feminized

Blim and burn preserve some of the best strings in the world of cannabis what concerns stability, production, taste and psychoactive effect.



British Columbia Autoflawering

BC Seed Company,Northern Lights,Afghaan Dream,Big Blue,Couchlock,Five-O,


Buddha Seeds Autoflowering

Buddha seeds,Red Dwarf,Auto,feminised,Regular,White Dwarf.


Bull Dog Seeds Feminized Autoflowering


On December 17th. 1975, Henk de Vries established the first cannabis coffeeshop in the world. He later branded his coffeeshop in the shape of his four legged friend Joris, The Bulldog. 


CBD Seeds Autoflowering

CBD seeds goal is to become a bank reference,with quality products,The first part of our work was to achieve classic genetic that made legend years ago. 


Ceres Seeds Autoflowering

Ceres Seeds is a Dutch seed company. founded in 1988 when its owners started their first seeds and cuttings. In 1990s worked for Dreadlock Coffeeshop


Cream of the crop Seeds Autoflowering


The world of Cannabis has come a long way since 6000BC..
The ganja of those ancient times must have been amazing but it’s now 2012 and us clever humans treat these plants like pedigree dogs!




Dr. Underground is an exclusive feminized cannabis seed breeder who only allows certain cannabis seed vendors to sell their products.


Delicious Seeds Auto Feminised

Delicious Seeds can?t be accused of trying to run before they can walk. They have a modest but high quality range of stable Indica-Sativa cannabis seeds crosses as well as a couple of Rundelaris varieties that are a must for any collection.


Dinafem Autoflowering Seeds

Dinafem Feminised Cannabis Seeds was finally born in 2005, after years of guerrilla growing in the Spanish mountains and intense study of all available growing guides and techniques.


DNA Autoflowering Feminised

DNA Genetics,Kushberry, Feminised,L.A. Confidential,L.A. Woman Feminised ,Chocolope,Sharkesbreath 


Doggies Nuts Auto Regular

doggies nuts autooflowering auto regular Seed Companies
Visit our site to see the full range available from The Doggies Nuts Big Bad John .


Dutch Breed Autoflowering

Dutchbreed,Aurora Polaris,Autum Fall,Brazilian Pineapple,Crude Oil,Hazy Daze


Dutch Passion Auto-flowering seeds

100% Female cannabis seeds from some of our favorite pot strains. Flowering times are on par with their non-feminized counterparts as is the quality.


Female Seeds Autoflowering


Welcome to Female Seeds Each day, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of reliable Female Seeds from quality strains. And still these seeds can be offered for a reasonable price, making them available to everyone.




Feminised Seeds Company genetics have been underground for over 15 years - recently they unleashed their brand to the world. They have a few truly amazing strains in their collection, each one completely unique and like no other.


Freedom of seeds Auto-flowering

Freedom of seeds are extremely dedicated to producing amazing top quality cannabis seed genetics. .


G13 Labs Automatic

The history of our company stretches back into the late 1980's in the north of the United Kingdom.


grassomatic auto

The wave of 100% autoflowering seeds is finally here, leading it is the Automatic AK47. feminized marijuana seeds crossing AK47 Serious Seeds with Lowryder.


Green House Seeds automatic

100% Female cannabis seeds from some of our favorite pot strains.


Humboldt Seed Organization Autos

humbolt seeds org

Humboldt is the epicenter of the marijuana industry in Northern California, which is the most reknown marijuana production area in the United States. Humboldt Seed Organization is a collective of growers and breeders working in the Humboldt area, producing high quality organic marijuana for dispensaries, collecting and testing seeds and clones of the best strains, researching into specifical medical strains, and breeding the best cannabis genetics California has to offer.



Medicann Seeds autoflowering

Medicann Seeds
Medicann have been actively breeding marijuana varieties for over 10 years now. The selection and breeding of high grade medicinal strains is at the core of their organisation, and their dedicated breeding team are constantly striving to increase potency, yield and medicinal benefits for all.


Nirvana autoflowering Seeds


Nirvana's feminized marijuana seeds were developed to spare marijuana growers the hassle of having to check for and remove male cannabis plants. 



Joint Doctor lowryder autoflowering

Joint Doctor,Chronic Ryder, Autoflowering, Feminised,Lowryder DWARF MIX,lowryder,Diesel Ryder


Lowelife autoflowering

Lowlife are breeders developing strains with autoflowering characteristics. they have been working on strains that complement Lowryder.



Paradise Autoflowering Seeds

paradise seeds,Jacky white, feminized,Spoetnik 1,Wappa,White Berry,0pium,ice cream,



pyramid seeds

Pyramid Seeds autoflowerin aim to distribute feminized cannabis seeds that are easy to cultivate and have pleasing yields, to professional and enthusiastic weed seed growers. 





Positronics seed bank's story starts in 1985 when the first European grow shop was opened by Wernand Bruining. Its name was Positronics and after having gained years of experience crossbreeding and developing new cannabis strains, Positronics cannabis seeds found themselves to be amongst the most experienced cannabis breeders in the world.


pukka autoflowering regular

Pukka seeds,Long John Silver auto flowering,perennial strain


Sagarmatha - Auto-flowering

Sagarmatha Seeds A worldwide genetic pool was placed in our care to provide marijuana smokers and growers with fresh, original varieties of marijuana seeds.


Samsara Seed Autoflowering

Samsara Seeds
Samsara Autoflowering Seeds was conceived as a seed bank that seeks to offer not only cannabis seeds, but also a lifestyle choice and an understanding of cannabis. They are constantly adapting to changing circumstances in search of new experiences to offer growers of their seeds.



Short stuff seedbank autoflowering

short stuff,Automatic Mix,Blue himalaya,feminized,himalaya blue diesel,regular,Mi5 automatic.


Spliff Seeds Autoflowering

Spliff Seeds
Spliff Seeds,Afghan,AK 47,Blue Berry ,Bubble Gum,Citra Sativa,Dutch Hope.


sweet seeds auto feminized

sweet seeds,Black Jack,feminized,Cream Caramel,Flash Back ,Ganesh Spirit ,green poison


Vision Seeds Autoflowering

Vision Seeds have been selling quality cannabis seeds all over the world since 1995. Over these years they gained enormous experience and gathered valuable information regarding strain genetics, cultivation, characteristics, effects, yields and overall grow and smoke satisfaction


World Of Seeds autoflowering

World seeds,Pakistan Valley, Feminized,Wild Thailand,Ketama,Madness,Afghan Kush,Amnesia,Columbia Gold Seed



 Sensi cannabis Seed Bank autoflowering varieties are the product of the very finest cannabis cannabis seeds in the market 



Ace Seeds Bomb Seeds
Advanced Seeds British Columbia 
AC-genetics Bull Dog Seeds
Afropips seeds Cannabiogen
Allstar Genetics CBD Seeds
Alphakronik CBD Crew
Auto Seeds Ceres Seeds
Barneys Farm Cream of the crop
BC Bud Ddpot Delicious
Big Buddha Delta 9 Labs
Big Head De Sjamaan
Blim Burn Devil Harvest
Blazing Pistileros Dinafem
DNA GENETIC Joint Doctor
Dutchbreed Jordan Islands
Dutch Passion  K.C. Brains
EVA Seeds Kiwi Seeds
Feminized Seeds Kulu Seeds
Flying Dutchman Lowelife
Freedom of Seeds Magus Genetics
GrandDaddyPurp Mandala Seeds
Grass-o-matic Medical Seeds
Green House Mr Nice
G13 Labs  MTG Seeds
High Quality  Next Generation 
Homegrown Fant Nirvana seeds
Humboldt Seeds  
Paradise Seeds Shiva Seeds
Positronic Sin City Seeds
Reggae Seeds Soma Seeds
Reserva Privada Spliff Seeds
Resin Seeds Strain Hunters 
Ripper Seeds Sweet Seeds
Sagarmatha Taylored Gen
Samsara Seeds TGA Genetics
Secret Valley The Real Seed
Seedism TH Seeds
Sensi Seed World of seeds
Serious Seeds  

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